Life at Sea

Many of you must be wondering what life at sea would be like? Is it as fascinating as shown through the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor or is it as difficult as shown in ‘All is Lost’. You must often speculate how it feels to sleep every night on board and rock with the motion of the vessel. We can’t say living at sea is always easy. Honestly no one who has been at sea can say that. But it would be right to say that it’s worth the difficulties. A career at sea is for those who have the mettle and the knack for it. Living away from family, confined to a ship for long periods can be hard, but after a while you forget the inconveniences and start appreciating the advantages.

The most fascinating aspect of life at sea is the opportunity to travel, that too without paying. You get to visit exotic locales that many people just dream of. You get to experience different cultures and soak in the variety that this world has to offer. Also, with modern technology life at sea is not as taxing and difficult as before. However, it is still quite exciting.

You live aboard the ship for the duration of journey and your accommodation, food and utilities are all free. You get to live in your cabin, which you might have to share with other officers. It’s like living in a hostel. You see the same faces and you make lifelong friends. The cabins are usually outfitted with bunk beds, wardrobe, television, bathroom facilities. However, this is your space, even if it is shared. You can personalize it with family photos, books, posters etc.

Shipping companies are very considerate and understanding when it comes to time off. The life at sea, away from family and friends can be tiring and hence, they offer enough time for recreation and recovery between trips. Many vessels also have facilities like entertainment centre, gym, swimming pool etc.

You live and work with the same colleague day in and out and over the course of time, they turn into your family. Without even realizing you’ll end up having friends all across the globe. We can’t guarantee an easy life aboard a vessel, but we can promise an interesting one.